Easy Photo Effects is probably the most easy to use photo editor you will ever find. With just a click on a button you can convert your images into black & white artworks, give them a vintage sepia look or apply a cool movie effect. Each effect can be tweaked and you can combine different effects for an unique look. Easy Photo Effects is freeware which means you can use it for free and make as much copies of the program as you want to give to your friends and family members.

Edit Pictures

With Easy Photo Effects, EPE, it's simple to change the appearance or resize a picture. To edit your pictures start by downloading the program called epe.exe.

downloading Easy Photo Effects

Click on "Save" and choose an easy to find location, it might even be placed on your desktop.

Easy Photo Effects on the desktop

Goto the file you just downloaded and double click on the icon, this will launch the main window where you are able to edit pictures.

main photo editing window

Now you can click the "Open Image" button on the top left to open an image.

image loaded

When your image is loaded you can use the buttons to add effects or convert them to sepia or black and white. If you want to return to the original image just press the "Reset Image" button. Each effect and function has a settings button where you can adjust the effect to suit your need. Below you can see the above image with a movie effect applied and converted to black and white.

editing a picture

When your satisfied with your new image, you can save it as a high quality jpeg or uncompressed bitmap picture. Using this free program you can edit pictures with little effort and get great results.


Updating Easy Photo Effects

If you want to update EPE close the program and download the new version from the download page. Choose the same location as where you previously saved epe.exe. The computer will ask you if you want to replace the file, click yes and after the download start the program.