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Effect/Function: Night Vision Effect


Many animals see better than humans, because their eyes anatomy allows night vision: some have larger eye balls, others can dilate their pupils more, and still others used a trick in their evolution, growing more rods on their retina and giving up an equal number of cones. The naturally happening night vision mechanism is then very simple: the eye is able to gather more light. There are animals with eyes so sensitive, that they can see outside human spectrum – i.e. in either ultraviolet or infrared.

The first nocturnal binoculars were used by the army during the Second World War. Now, they are widely spread in the military, and also in cinematographic industry, where night vision cameras are very common.

When thinking of the numerous war or espionage feature movies, nocturnal vision appliances are probably shown in action in 10% of them. The footages coming from the Gulf War, when the allied troops crushed the Iraqi armored army, were abundant with night battles, when night vision binoculars were largely used.

Mass media and cinema have introduced night vision in the collective conscience, and made this electronic feature a symbol of power, of mystery, of danger, of deprived intimacy.

Think that you show your friend a photo of him looking like it had mysteriously been shot in the dark. He will certainly be surprised, won’t he? He will ask you how you did it, he will ask to see the wonder-camera. He will suspect you of having military or spy devices.

With Easy Photo Effects you can add a night vision effect to your photos by simply pressing the “Night Vision” button. To turn off the lines, remove the circle, or change the color, press the settings button above the button of the night vision effect.


- Night color: To change the night vision effect color, click on this square, select a color in the color dialog and press "Ok".
- Add lines: Add's black lines to the image, emulating certain night vision equipment.
- Add circle: Emulates the look of a night vision binocular.


 castle normal  castle night vision

vase normal  vase night vision

For more about Night Vision see the Wikipedia article: wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_vision