Easy Photo Effects is probably the most easy to use photo editor you will ever find. With just a click on a button you can convert your images into black & white artworks, give them a vintage sepia look or apply a cool movie effect. Each effect can be tweaked and you can combine different effects for an unique look. Easy Photo Effects is freeware which means you can use it for free and make as much copies of the program as you want to give to your friends and family members.

Effect/Function: Pixelate Effect


Nowadays most games have a very high resolution, even a portable console like the PSP already has 130 560 pixels on it's 480x272 widescreen and the PSVita goes even higher. But in the early days of gaming most games had less then 100 000 pixels to choose from and characters, like the ones from the Atari 2600, use only 8 by 8 pixels. You could literally count the pixels. But it wasn't that bad, programmers where creative and created beautiful characters and scenery with so little pixels and colors. You can relive those days by converting any image to a retro looking pixelated one, by clicking on the Pixelate button.


Pixel size: Adjust the size of the pixel squares, the lower the size the more details remain. Increase the size to create Minecraft like blocks.


museum normal  museum pixelated

female face normal  female face pixelate effect