Easy Photo Effects is probably the most easy to use photo editor you will ever find. With just a click on a button you can convert your images into black & white artworks, give them a vintage sepia look or apply a cool movie effect. Each effect can be tweaked and you can combine different effects for an unique look. Easy Photo Effects is freeware which means you can use it for free and make as much copies of the program as you want to give to your friends and family members.

Effect/Function: Rotate Function


You are supposed to take a snapshot of a standing person or two, or you intend to take a view of a tall construction. What do you do? You rotate the camera, of course!

In doing so, you manage to solve several problems at a time; landscape camera position usually needs longer distance to the subject –this way you can lose details (for example, the impossibility to recognize the face) – and you get a lot of useless background.

If you turn the camera and put it in vertical position, you:
- better fit the subject into the viewfinder
- have the whole subject in the photo, without losing significant details
- get rid of the uninteresting or not desired background.

Another feature of Easy Photo Effects is the possibility to flip your pictures for purposes like having people look towards the inside of an album, or having people look at each other in photographic montages.

Easy Photo Effects can easily rotate and flip your photos, just load an image and press the "Rotate/Flip" button.


- Rotate Clockwise: Rotate the image in a clock wise direction.
- Rotate Counter Clockwise: Rotate the image in a counter clock wise direction.
- Flip Horizontal: Flip the image horizontally.
- Flip Vertical: Flip the image vertically.


 castle normal  castle vertical flip

vase normal  vase rotated